Before the wedding

  • What should I wear?
  • Cocktail attire – as in, keep it snazzy, but be ready to dance.
  • Where are you registered?
  • Because of baggage limitations and the logistics of international shipping, we haven't registered anywhere. We welcome contributions to our ongoing honeymoon fund — next year we're hoping to visit Portugal, Russia, Croatia, and Belgium, among others — and eventually-moving-back-to-America fund.
  • I want to send you something anyway – how should I do that?
  • You could:
    • Make sure it's suitcase-friendly
    • Have it shipped to our address in Germany (we get back to Germany on November 28th):
      Aaron Chapin & Diane Pizzuto
      Jessenstrasse 10
      Hamburg 22767

      If you're doing this, ordering from the German version of a site (.de instead of .com) will make shipping way cheaper.
  • I have dietary restrictions that I didn't note on the RSVP card– what should I do?
  • Tell us ASAP if you haven't already! You won't be the only one – much of the food will be vegetarian-friendly, and we're already making individual plans to accomodate various allergies, including gluten, as long as we're informed in advance.
  • Will there be any events the night before or the morning after the wedding?
  • Yes, and we'll post about them when everything's settled.

On the big day

  • When should I arrive?
  • Doors to the venue will open at 5 PM and the ceremony will begin at 5:30 PM – so between 5 and 5:30, but probably closer to 5. The bar will be open so you can grab a drink before the ceremony begins.
  • It's the day of the wedding and I'm lost/I have an emergency/I'll be late/I have a question. Who should I contact?
  • For now, the parents of the bride and groom are a good bet if you can't reach Diane or Aaron. We'll update before the big day with other contacts.
  • How will the ceremony work?
  • We'll provide further instructions on the day of the wedding. Chairs will be provided for those who need them, but most guests will be asked to stand during the ceremony (but it'll be short, we promise!)
  • Will there be dinner?
  • You bet!
  • Where can I see a schedule of events?
  • Here, when it's ready.
  • Can I take pictures?
  • During the reception: Yes, absolutely, go nuts! Take them, share them, whatever (we're open to hashtag suggestions).
    During the ceremony: Feel free to take pictures, but also respect our fantastic professional photographer – no flash, no crowding up front, and all that.

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The Party's At:

Society Hill Dance Academy
409 S. Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147