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Welcome to Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the new, block-based editor for WordPress. This is a totally clean WordPress install set up so that you can play around with and get familiar with the basics of the new editor before the new site is finished.

In the old post editor, all content went into a single editor window – developers are calling this “the blob.” Special layout features could be accessed in a bunch of different ways: with shortcodes (like our [block-square] units), with custom fields (like subheads, or the boxed text that runs before an image), or by writing code directly into the editor (various one-off layouts that Diane built).

Now, instead of one blob, a post is made up of blocks. Everything from a plain paragraph to a fancy pullquote is a block. This paragraph is a block.

When I hit enter to start writing this paragraph, WordPress creates a new block for the new paragraph.

This is a block too

– Gutenberg

This is a particularly fancy block called Cover. It required no code, and maybe 3 clicks, to set this up.

In short: Gutenberg makes it easier for non-coders to create more complex layouts.

Create a new post and try out some of the blocks yourself. Go crazy – the only reason this site exists is for you to get comfortable with Gutenberg, so nothing that you do will break anything. Have fun!

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