Figuring out a new post workflow

I’m still exploring how Gutenberg works and deciding exactly how to build our new theme to best take advantage of it, but so far, I’ve found a few things that might represent significant changes to our posting workflow at The Smart Set.

  • Titles: you may have noticed that you enter the post title directly into the top of the post, and that it seems to be its own immovable block. In our finished theme, I would like the layer-outer to be able to decide whether the image or title block comes first.
  • Subtitles: In the current TSS theme, the subtitle goes in a custom field. Gutenberg still allows custom fields, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be the best way to handle it going forward. I think we may start using the Manual Excerpt instead (look in the sidebar under Document > Write an excerpt)
  • Featured images: Since we can put images of varying sizes (including full-width) at the top (or almost at the top) of our posts as blocks, I think it might make sense to start thinking about the featured image as what displays on the homepage – more of a post thumbnail.
  • Shortcodes: I’d like to turn anything that’s currently a shortcode or hacked custom field into a block – IF we’re actually using them. Please let me know which features you’re actually using
  • Anything else: Are you always looking for a layout element that doesn’t exist? First, look around for a block that does what you need. If there isn’t one, ask me about it and I’ll see if it makes sense to develop a block for it.

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